The submissions are closed.

You could come back on next May for subcribe to the next Festival.

All the short films competing must:

  • be a first, second or third work
  • justify an original work on the sound : either by an original music or a specific treatment of the sound (sound effects, voice, silence…). In this last case, please enclose a note of intention.
  • have a running time of 30 minutes and less
  • have been completed since September 2018

The competition is composed of three categories: Fiction, Animation and Documentary.

All the feature competing must :

  • be a 1st, 2nd or 3rd work
  • have necessarily an original score
  • have been achieved since September 2018
  • last more than 60 minutes

The competition could be composed of four categories: Fiction, Animation, Documentary, Experimental


See you next year!